JTI - Rafik Hamaizia


JTI - Rafik Hamaizia

Award winning organisation passionate about involvement. Our service user involvement structures have been recognised by NHS England as being "Extremely innovative" ANd OUR FORUMS SUCH AS ‘THE People’s Council’ HAVE BEEN RECOGNISED AS an "area of OUTSTANDING practice" WITHIN CYGNET HEALTHCARE.

"A power shift is happening, where people with lived experience are at the heart of services and are leading the way for reform. Experts by Experience, Coproduction and Peer Support initiatives are growing by the day and the impact this is having on services and organisations, is simply profound. Joint Thinking hopes to bring people together to develop and implement more positive change in this area. Thinking together, Working Together and Changing Together."

Rafik Hamaizia - Chief Executive Officer, Joint Thinking INITIATIVE


Rafik Hamaizia presented with Special Recognition Award by Cygnet Health Care.

Pictured: Nicky McLeod, Chief Operating Officer (left) and Julie Kerry, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience (right) - May 2017


Mental Health Blogger Aimee Wilson, Editor of ImNotDisordered writes an amazing article on Rafik Hamaizia” - April 2017

Aimee Says:

“Dear Raf,

You’re forever there for others; with an unlimited amount of support, kindness, reassurance, care, generosity, and gratitude. You make others feel better. You’re the type of person (and there’s not many of them) who can make others feel positive, and hopeful just from one sentence.
When I’m with you at events and conferences, I feel like I’m in the presence of a superstar!”

Please log onto the following to see the article:
— http://www.imnotdisordered.co.uk/2017/05/congratulations-raf-hamaizia.html
Aimee Wilson writes blog on life of Rafik Hamaizia
Rafik Hamaizia chairs Anti-Stigma conference alongside Julie Kerry, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience for Cygnet Healthcare
Rafik Hamaizia chairs conference on Stigma
Rafik Hamaizia Launches and Chairs first Cygnet Peoples Council. The day involved former and current Cygnet healthcare service users, Family Carers, External Experts by Experience and 3rd Sector Organisations. - April 2017

Raf says “ The Peoples Council will ensure people are heard at every level of Cygnet Healthcare and by involving people both internally and externally we are able to share best practice, lessons learned and demonstrate our willingness to be open and transparent.”

Rafik Hamaizia Chairs and launches Peoples Council
Rafik Hamaizia invites Jane Ray (Head of Hospital Inspections, London Region, Care Quality Commission) to Peoples Council Launch. - April 2017
Rafik Hamaizia and Jane Ray, Head of Hospital Inspections, Care Quality Commission
Rafik Hamaizia invites Vivian Cooper OBE (Chief Executive Officer, Challanging Behaviour Foundation), to Peoples Council Launch - April 2017
Rafik Hamaizia and Viv Cooper OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Challenging Behaviour Foundation
Rafik Hamaizia and Iris Benson MBE present at Reducing Restrictive Practice conference together - March 2017
Rafik Hamaizia and Iris Benson MBE, Merseycare NHS at conference on Reducing Restrictive Practice
Rafik Hamaizia and Dame Esther Rantzen catch up at 3rd Sector Care Awards for the second time - December 2016
Rafik Hamaizia and Dame Esther Rantzen DBE
Rafik Hamaizia and the Chelsea Pensioners catching up at the 3rd Sector Care Awards - December 2016
Rafik Hamaizia and the Chelsea Pensioners
Rafik Hamaizia with Andrea Sutcliffe (Chief Inspector, Adult social care - Care Quality Commission) and Kim Arnold (Expert By Experience National Lead - Choice Support) - December 2016
Rafik Hamaizia with Kim Arnold, National Expert by Experience Lead, Choice Support and Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Care Quality Commission
Raf filming with David Behan (CEO - Care Quality Commission) at CQC HQ! - July 2016
Rafik Hamaizia and Sir David Behan, Chief Executive, Care Quality Commission
Raf fills up his car with treats for the whole of Cygnet Hospital Bury - December 2016
Rafik Hamaizia Visits the Recovery Academy at Cygnet Derby! - October 2016
Rafik Hamaizia gives presentation at What Works Global Summit 2016 on behalf of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) - September 2016
Rafik Hamaizia at Paradigm HQ with NICE Committee Expert Consultants for Learning Disability and Behaviour that Challanges guideline - August 2016
Rafik Hamaizia interviewed at Care Quality Commission - June 2016
Rafik Hamaizia at 3rd Sector Care Awards with Dame Esther Rantzen - December 2015